So I went to Dubai for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I got a really awesome deal on a hotel room at the Towers Rotana. I spent my weekend being very touristy. Which basically means I walked around with my camera around my neck and saw all the stereotypical things, the worlds tallest tower.

Also, the ski hill in the mall, the underwater zoo in the mall, the Ice Hockey Rink in the mall, the waterfall in the mall (that rhymed, I liked it).   Regardless it was lots of fun. Resulted in lots of photos.

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9 Hours in Ferrari World

So it has become apparent that I suck at blogging.  Not the actual writing part.  Just the doing it on a regular basis part. The funny thing is, you think since I haven’t actually been doing anything at work, I could have blogged about all the stuff I have been doing.  But for some reason I just haven’t felt like it.  Which brings me back to my need to feel sassy when I blog.  So I am going to try and do more frequent short posts.  I have missed a lot over the last couple of weeks.  So I will start with the most recent.  Ferrari World.  I spent 9 hours in Ferrari World which is pretty incredible after I hadn’t heard spectacular reviews about it.  We went on the weekend right at opening, and there were not a lot of people there.  It was actually the perfect amount of people, not empty but there were not really any line-ups until later in the evening.  Anyways, we did everything possible, some rollercoasters more than once.  There were a couple of highlights.  The GT simulator was very cool.  However, it did reinforce my inability to play racing games.  The fastest rollercoaster in the world the Formula Rossa, was fantastic.  200mph of absolute awesomeness, went on it 3 times, once in the dark.  There was a show with Ferrari World cheerleaders that was a spin on High School Musical meets Bring it On Again.  Lots of bouncing and Jazz hands.  The V12 flume ride was a huge let down and nothing at all to be excited about.  My only other complaint was that there was a serious lack of decent restaurants in the huge complex.  Considering they have so much space, everything was buffet style, disorganized and overcrowded and the food did just not look appetizing.  So here are some pictures from the day.

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Tomato Sauce and Bleach…

I am having a frustrated day.  Mainly because I am getting really irritated with not actually being able to work.  And no one seems to understand how horrid that is.  Everyone is all “you should be excited, you are getting paid to do nothing.”  But the catch is unlike the majority of people in the world I actually like my job.  And I have not worked now in over 2 months.  And yes I am getting paid, but I have to actually be at the hospital and stand in the ICU and I am not allowed to do anything.  Let me stress that, I can’t chart, turn patients, co-sign anything, or check medications.  Nothing.  Do you have any concept of how retarded you feel when you are standing at the nursing station and people are asking you for help or IV pumps are alarming and I can’t do anything about it?  It absolutely fucking sucks.  If I was just off at least I could tour around and see the sights or go on a trip to Singapore or something.  I would also like to ask one thing.  How on earth do all of you people deal with working weekdays and then just having two days off?  It is awful, you are all nuts.

So needless to say I am in a state today and so I decided to have pasta for supper.  God knows why, I never make pasta, if I am going to have pasta I usually have it when I am in a restaurant.  It is the whole not eating a lot of carbs thing.  And to boot, I made tomato sauce.  Now I would just like to say here, that I have not made tomato sauce, even just poured it out of a jar, in years.  I am not even really sure I like tomato sauce and I only ever eat it when I am at someone else’s house, so Lord knows what possessed me to make this today.

Anyways, you know how I have to wear white.  Who am I kidding of course you know.  Last week I found these long sleeved white cotton shirts at the gap that I can wear under my scrubs.  They are great, considering it is freezing in the ICU and I am not allowed to wear the lab coat they gave me.  Don’t ask why, I cannot explain this to you.  So of course when I got home from work, I took off my scrubs but left on the white shirt that was underneath them.  So basically as I am unscrewing the lid off the sauce, because who are we kidding, I wasn’t going to make that shit from scratch, I am thinking to myself, “I should really change my shirt or I will get tomato sauce on it.  Meh, I will do it after I pour this sauce into the pot.”  Well I must be three shades of stupid, because of course I sprayed it down the front of my shirt which then involved my cursing really loudly and peeling of my clothes as I walked the half mile hallway down to my room, not taking into consideration the fact that I don’t live alone. Not that my roommate would have cared anyway.  I didn’t even put a different shirt on, I just grabbed the bleach and went into the bathroom to attempt to scrub the red out of what was once a pristine white shirt.

Now for those of you playing the home game, I would just like you to note that when I changed out of my scrubs, I definitely put on my favourite brown cargo pants, which are admittedly 2 sizes too large for me and I really need to get them taken in, but I love them and I am stubborn and feel that I can make do with a belt.  So I am in the bathroom half naked trying to scrub the tomato out of my shirt.  I have the water running and sink full and I am furiously working at it, all the while talking to myself.  Fort those of you who know me, talking to myself is something I do frequently.  Along with dancing in grocery store lines, but I swear that one is hereditary.  So needless to say, I grabbed the bleach and poured a little on my shirt and managed to get it down the leg of pants.  Are you even kidding me?!?! What on earth is the matter with me today.  So I take off my pants and madly run them under water in an attempt to not completely destroy them.  I should also mention at this point, I am in my underwear, in the bathroom with the door open and I am really pissed at myself, so the talking to myself is becoming much louder and angrier.  My roommate must think I am completely losing it.

So, to make a long story short.  This is the end result.

My shirt is once again pristine and my pants are ruined.  And I hate to say it, but lets be honest, I will probably still continue to wear them.

So I tried to preoccupy myself, but no matter how many times I look at the gorgeous pictures of Winterlude that my friend took or how many people I show the picture that my sister sent me of her goldfish, you can actually see its face, pretty cool, I am still a little bit cranky.  And, now all I really want to do, because I am irritated, is watch Veronica Mars.  I absolutely completely love her, as some of you are very aware of.  And I have no idea why on earth I do not own this tv series but I can tell you right now that I absolutely refuse to pay 35 dollars a season to buy it off itunes.  I am sure I can find it cheaper somewhere else, I will just have to get it shipped to me.   So I decided to try and reread the Hunger Games for the 15 hundredth time (that might be a slight exaggeration) but I couldn’t focus.

Hence forth, the end result is that I watched this movie called It’s Kind of a Funny Story, which didn’t make me feel any worse and because I sat still for 2 hours to watch it, I didn’t do anything else stupid for the day.

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Brunch, Beer, Wine, Eric Clapton and 127 Hours

Alright, I know that I said I would blog more but I think we are just going to have to stick to a weekly relationship because to be honest, I have joined the rest of the world with working weekdays and I am so exhausted when I get home from doing nothing, or I simply have other things to do, that I cannot be bothered.  Besides, they weekends are when I actually do things and therefore much more entertaining to talk about.

I would like to start off by saying, I am completely amazed with my ability to wear heels for 12 hours straight and not realize my feet hurt until this morning.  I even wore them to a concert, which is really not recommended by the way. It probably had something to do with the fact that I started drinking at noon.  I don’t know why I like wearing heels so much, I am already unnaturally tall for a girl.  But they are just so pretty.

So I went to brunch yesterday.  Brunch is an absolutely brilliant concept.  Who doesn’t love excessive amounts of food and copious amounts of alcohol early in the day.  We had a four hour brunch with three floors of food and all the alcohol that you can drink.  This is how I started drinking at noon.  And unfortunately for you guys, I didn’t start taking photos until we were done eating and had moved on to margaritas in the garden.

I know you are wondering why their are corks in peoples drinks.  We acquired the corks from a huge bowl of them in the restaurant.  One of the waiters was just pouring them into some of the girls purses. Then people were skillfully trying to throw them into other peoples drinks.  This is not as easy as it sounds and resulted in everyone being sprayed with margarita.

That flower came from the clown that was at brunch.  Don’t ask, I am unable to explain why there was a clown at brunch.

This is essentially the end result.

From there we progressed to PJ’s at roughly 5pm which is a pub.  I have never in my life walked into a pub at 5pm on a random weekend and have it be so packed that there is barely standing room.  It’s 5pm!!! And every ‘Western Face’ in the city is drinking.  I am obviously living in some sort of alternate reality.  This is absolutely insane.  So we did a little more drinking and did a little dancing, to some absolutely fantastic old school music.  I would give you examples but obviously at this point I have no idea what they were, just that they were circa 1980’s and I knew all the words.

At about 730pm and we decided to head out to Yas Island to see Eric Clapton at Yas Arena which is right next to Ferrari World.  It was a brilliant concert and I was completely amazed about how many Eric Clapton songs I actually knew.  Lots of people attended but it was not excessively full which was nice.  We were standing in front of the stage and we still had lots of room.
This was the venue we were in.

After the concert we headed back into the city on the bus which took absolutely forever and then arrived back at home in time to watch Obama give a speech about Mubarak stepping down.  Very Eloquent.  And I microwaved leftovers to snack on, specifically tuna and tortellini.

This morning, amazingly not hungover, although admittedly a little dehydrated, I got up and went downstairs to La Brioche which is the French bistro in the bottom of my building and bought some croissants and had bacon, eggs, croissants and melon for breakfast.  It was fabulous, the down side being I had to make it myself.

Then I met up with Julie and Shannon to walk along the corniche and look for a flea market that was supposed to be going on.  We did find it but it was a pretty big let down since it was just a couple of tables and not much to look at.  We continued to walk into the city away from the corniche in an attempt to find some place for lunch but we eventually just decided to get a taxi to Abu Dhabi mall because they have this Japanese made to order place.  It was excellent but they definitely served me enough food for 3 people.

Then we decided to go and see 127 hours.

Unfortunately it was not playing in the mall so we had to get a taxi to Marina Mall and en route we dropped off Shannon because he was extremely opposed to watching it with us.  Now I am going to say this is a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie, although by now I am sure you have heard enough about it to know the basic story.  Everyone has been talking about how it was so disgusting when he cut off his arm that people were fainting and vomiting.  I don’t get it, yes it was gross but I thought him breaking his arm was so much worse.  The sound of the cracking bone made my skin crawl.  All of that being said, it was a pretty great movie and James Franco did an awesome job.  I would also like to point out the he looks exactly like Aron Ralston.

And that brings us to now.  My feet are killing me due to the heels thing and all the walking I did today (don’t worry I was wearing sensible shoes today).  I don’t know what I am going to have for supper.  I probably can think of something to create out of all the food in my fridge.

And now you are up to date…

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People are Particularly Stupid Today…

So I had to go the mall today.  I needed some nude underwear and a printer (for school).  Anyways, I walked over to Marina Mall, it is a beautiful day, warm and clear, but not really hot enough to be lying on the beach, the wind was a little cool.  I don’t know what in holy hell I was thinking.  The mall of course was packed because it’s Saturday.  And I am fully aware of the fact that I should have seen that coming, but apparently I was not on the ball this morning.  Anyways, not only is the mall packed but people are rude and pushy and cutting in lines or generally being unpleasant.  And since I really don’t like massive crowds, or most people in general, I find this incredibly stressful.  On a positive note, I got an HP Laser Jet printer/scanner for 40 dollars and nude underwear, so I guess it was a successful trip.  I still need to go to the grocery store, but I am avoiding it.

Yesterday I went to the Al Ain Acrobatic Air Show with my friend Julie and her husband Shannon and we had a wonderful day.

It was beautiful out and we went early enough that we avoided the crowd for most of the day.  Friday morning’s are very quiet here because no one does anything until after prayers.  Anyways, here are some cool photos.

They had these girls who were wing walkers from Sweden, which was very cool.

However, they were dressed as cats, or tigers I guess and after their show when they posed for pictures they just looked ridiculous.

I was embarrassed for them, hopefully they are getting paid a lot of money.
This next picture is my favourite.

They also had fighter jets that blew some things up.

And they had guys on dirt bikes and raffled off this new mercedes.

By the middle of the afternoon the grand stands had gotten pretty crowded, so we headed out early.

Then we drove up the Jebel Hafeet mountain about 1249 metres just outside Al Ain on the boarder of Oman and took some pictures.

We also stopped at the Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet hotel.

We needed to use the bathroom, so why not use the one in the 5 star hotel on top of the mountain.  I took this photo of the waterslide they have running over the side of the mountain.  Unfortunately it was a bit cool and not currently running.  But the setting for the hotel was still pretty awesome.

Do you think anyone has ever gone down that and shot off the side of the mountain?

Then we headed back into the city to have dinner at Paco’s Bar in the Hilton which was kind of a Tex-Mex place.  Pretty good.  All in all an excellent day.

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You should probably get stock in Bleach…

I keep getting told that I am not blogging enough.  And I actually agree I am not, but I am also trying to have a life and I have just not had time.  I also need to be in kind of a sassy mood to blog, otherwise it is not nearly as entertaining.

So I am working 7-15 weekdays which is pretty normal for most people.  I, however am not most people and do not like to get up before 9am and I hate working everyday and having to do errands on weekends with all the commoners.  I like shift work, you work less days in a row, have more days off and you can do your grocery shopping on Wednesday and drink on Monday night.  Hence forth these day shifts are killing me.  I am exhausted and I have no idea how people accomplish anything when they work week days.

Also, I am not currently allowed to touch patients.  It’s a licensing issue and don’t even bother asking because I will just rant at you about it for an exorbitant amount of time.  However, without touching a  patient, on my first day (in my horrid white scrubs) I managed to spray blood on myself and get dialysate down the front of me.  Which is what I knew was going to happen.  (I thought you would appreciate that E.)  So my new recommendation to everyone is to buy stock in Bleach because I am going to go through gallons of it.  A couple of other random things, I have been issued a lab coat, which I am technically not allowed to wear on the unit (I don’t know why, I didn’t bother asking), which means that I am freezing all the time and now I have to go out and buy long sleeve white shirts, because I can’t wear coloured ones underneath (heaven forbid) not to mention the fact that I don’t own enough neutral coloured underwear to be able to work more than 2 shifts without washing them, so I need to buy that as well.  I should also really look into getting my scrubs tailored so I don’t look like I am wearing a potato sack, although it is not like I am trying to pick up men in the ICU (most days) so I guess it doesn‘t really matter.  And just to add insult to injury I am technically required to wear white shoes, to which I responded that if they were going to buy me white shoes I would wear them, but until then I am going to wear the shoes I’ve already got, which range from brown to black to blue in colour.

I have however, gotten the most important thing at work out of the way.  Booking vacation.  I love the fact that it is first come first serve and not seniority based and that I can book it years in advance if I want.  Brilliant.

So I have some pictures I have been meaning to show you and I just haven’t gotten around to it.

This is the hospital where I work.  It is kind of hard to tell here but everyone just parks wherever they want to.  I will need to get a better picture of it at some point.

I live in here somewhere, I can’t tell which building mine is behind from here.   But basically this is taken from the other side of the water looking at my apartment.

Basically the opposite of this…

This is actually Marina Mall and it is on the island next to the one I am on and it is where the harbor is located.

Last weekend, I went out for dinner with Julie and Sam and there respective spouses.  The most ridiculous thing is, I really can’t tell you what the restaurant we went to was called, but it was Lebanese and wonderful.  I also tried Shisha, which is essentially flavoured tobacco in a fancy pipe.  It was supposed to be Double Apple but tasted like licorice, not smoky tasting though.

And that is my little summary for now.

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To Drive or Not to Drive

So I have the day off today, slept in, had eggs for breakfast, went to the gym.  You know the usual.  Then I decided to go exploring, which leads me to this statement.  I will never ever again for the rest of my entire life complain about how Canadians specifically those from Quebec just in case you are taking notes, drive.  OMG.

First of all, there are no child restraint laws, so I will be walking down the sidewalk, as close to the buildings as possible, it’s where I feel safest, and cars will pass me with children hanging out of windows or skylights (and of course by skylight I mean sun roof) like the are dogs.  I shit you not.  Everywhere you look children are just running around in the back of vehicles or sitting in the drivers lap.  It is causing me to have flashbacks of Britney.

Ummm Hello?!?! What in Holy Hell is wrong with you people.

Second, no one uses their blinkers, NO ONE.  People just change lanes at random and everyone excessively uses their horn.  You are pretty much capable of driving 20km over the speed limit on any road before anyone will look twice at you and the speed limit in the city is already 60 so everyone is driving 80.  You don’t get pulled over, there are cameras on the street that just automatically issue you a ticket and you will not even know you have one until you go to renew your license.

Third, you can’t turn left except at lights.  There are medians down the middle of every single street which means that you have to U-turn at the lights to turn left.  This also means that at the stop lights every direction goes separately so they take forever.

The whole system is ridiculous.  So I did a little research and found this article in the National UAE.

It basically says that traffic related fatalities in this region are the highest in the world with 17 fatalities and 320 injuries per hour.  Yes I did just say PER HOUR.  IF that is not terrifying I don’t know what is.

Maybe getting my license here is not the greatest idea.

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